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Free Water Analysis

Free Water Analysis

Keep your water healthy and pleasant.

Simply complete this form, or just stop by our showroom any time with a water sample for your free water analysis! Once we receive your request, we’ll set aside a private time so that you can have your water professionally tested.  Maintaining clean and crystal clear water using the proper chemicals is very important for your enjoyment and safety.

Our stores are equipped with Alex® and AccuScan®, a computerized water testing program that uses the latest technology to keep your water brilliantly clear. Water testing is our specialty. Because our staff spends days in water chemistry training, you can be confident in the analysis you receive.

We offer FREE water samples to our customers with recommendations for the use of Bioguard Chemicals. One of our water care experts can help explain your analysis and suggest the best method of balancing your pool or spa.

We ask that you bring in 16-32 ounces of water in a clean container and obtain the sample at least an elbow’s length depth in your pool. A water analysis only takes a few minutes to run, however we do ask for your patience during the summer when water analysis is in demand.


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